Monday, July 28, 2014

All Ireland Dancing Championships 2014

Will be held on:
Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th October 2014

Citywest Hotel, Conference and Event Centre, Saggart, South County Dublin
Call + 353 1 401 0500 to book

This is an 'OPEN' event to all An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelach (CLRG) dancers

Sunday, July 27, 2014

All championships will have a different panel for each round
Each panel will comprise of 1 person from GB, Ireland and rest of World

The split will be: 4 GB, 4 Ireland, 4 Rest of Worlds.
Aisling Hillick-Grogan, Connacht, Ireland
Conor Hayes, Victoria, Australia
Eileen Plater, North West Region, GB
Glenn Simpson, Eastern Region, Canada
Grainne Feely, Leinster, Ireland
Helen O'Loughlin, Southern Region GB
Maura Davidson, Ulster, Ireland
Michael Smith, New England Region, USA
Pat Brady-Mullins, Munster, Ireland
Patrick O'Hare, Mid Atlantic Region, USA
Sally Flood-Aitken, Scottish Region, GB
Stephen Masterson, Midlands Region, GB

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Love Life Live Irish Dancing......

Visit and catch up with views and news on all the latest in Irish Dancing.  You may not agree with some of the opinions on this message board and you may get very annoyed but it is current and fun.

Its a place where you can tell people what YOU think but only if you are prepared for the replies which are usually very frank.  There are many 'heated debates' which you can just view or get involved in.

Its also a place where you can get very useful information about how to break in shoes, get tan off dresses, how to send dresses in the post.... Just about anything and lots of people are ready to help.

You can get results of Irish Dance competitions from around the world as well as the local Irish Feisanna.

Have a look yourself......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COOLERA FEIS, Sunday 7th October 2012, Clarion Hotel, Sligo

Conference Centre Hall A
9.00 am 9-10 Craobh Comortas
10-11 Craobh Comortas
Ril or Port Luasca
Port Trom or Cornphiopa
Recall Leithleach
11.00 a.m.
11-12 Craobh Comortas
12-13 Craobh Comortas
Ril or Port Luasca
Port Trom or Cornphiopa
Recall Leithleach
  U-6 Craobh Comortas
U-7 Craobh Comortas
Ril, Port Eadtrom
Ril, Port Singil, Port   LUNCH BREAK
2.30 p.m.
7-8 Craobh Comortas
8-9 Craobh Comortas
Ril, Port, St Pats Day
Ril, Port, Trad. Set.
4.00 p.m.
13-14 Craobh Comortas
14-15 Craobh Comortas
Ril or Port Luasca
Port Trom or Cornphiopa
Recall Leithleach
6.00 p.m.
15-16 Craobh Comortas
16-18 Craobh Comortas
Ov 18 Craobh Comortas
Ril or Port Luasca
Port Trom or Cornphiopa
Recall Leithleach
100% recall
If less than 20 in competition
Results will be
announced in Hall C

(Church)Canis Major Hall B 9.00 U- 5
Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca Bun U- 7 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca Tus U-7 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca
Mean U-7
Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca MEAN U-7 PRIOMH CHOMORTAS Any two light dances 11.00 a.m. approx.
Bun 7-9
Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca Tus 7-9 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca/Port/Cornphiopa
Mean 7-9 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca/Port Cornphiopa
U-9 Cor Beirte
MEAN 7-9 PRIOMH CHOMORTAS Any Light Dance plus Traditional Set


2.00 P.M Approx.
Bun 9-11

Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca Tus 9-11 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca/Port/Cornphiopa Mean 9-11 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca/Port Cornphiopa 9-11 Cor Beirte
MEAN 9-11 PRIOMH CHOMORTAS Any Light Dance plus Traditional Set

4.00 p.m. approx.
Bun 11-13

Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca Tus 11-13 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca/Port/Cornphiopa Mean 11-13 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port luasca/Port/Cornphiopa 11-13 Cor Beirte
MEAN 11-13 PRIOMH CHOMORTAS Any light Dance plus Traditional Set

Tus 13-15/o15

Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port Singil/Port Luasca/Port/Cornphiopa Mean 13-15/o15 Ril/Port Eadtrom/Port singil/Port Luasca/Port/H/pipe Over 13 Cor Beirte
MEAN 13-15/0VER 15 PRIOMH CHOMORTAS Any light Dance/Trad Set

Monday, September 17, 2012

Irish Nationals 2013 Dates

Irish Nationals 2013 will be held in Dublin
10th, 11th and 12th May
Venue and Timetable to be agreed.
Likely venue is Citywest

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oireachtas Chonnacht 2011 - Provisional Timetable

Connachts 2011 - Provisional Timetable, Breaffy House, Castlebar 
Thurs. Nov.10th

02.30  Championships Under 7(boys & girls)
                 + Easy Reels
5.00    Championships 7- 8(boys & girls)
                 + Light Jigs
7.30    Under 8 Teams (2’s & 3’s)                                                                                     

Fri. Nov. 11th

9.00    Championships 9-10(boys & girls
10.45   Light Jigs 9-10 & 8-9
12.00   Championships 8-9(boys & girls)
 2.00    Ceili Championships Under 10
            Under 10 Teams (2’s & 3’s)
 4.00    Championships 10-11 (boys & girls)
               + Light Jigs

Sat. Nov.12th
 9.00    Championships 11-12(boys & girls)
               +Light Jigs
12.15   Championships Fig. & Ceile Under 12
            Under 12 Teams ( 2’s; 3’s; 4’s & 6’s)
3.15     Championships 15-16 + all older ages
6.15     Championships Fig. & Ceile Over 15
            Over 15 Teams (2’s; 3’s; 4’s; 6’s)

Sun. Nov.13th

 9.00   Championships 12-13(boys & girls)
                 +Light Jigs
12.00  Championship   13-14(boys & girls)
                 +Light Jigs
 3.00   Championship    14-15(boys& girls)
 5.00   Championships Fig. &  Ceile 12- 15
           12-15 Teams (2’s; 3’s; 4’s; 6’s)

N.B. This timetable is only approximate and times could possibly vary considerably.
It is hoped that the age-group days will remain the same but of course, this will not be
definite until the entries have been received and examined. Ann King-Byrne

Féile Rince Mhaigh Eo 2011

Féile Rince Mhaigh Eo" will take place on October 15th and 16th in Claremorris Town Hall, Mayo.

Maureen Cunniffe, Galway, Ireland
Rose Kenny, Birmingham, England
Peter Boylan, Louth, Ireland
Brian McDaid, Birmingham, England
Paschal Lyons, Cavan, Ireland
Darren Checkley, Limerick, Ireland

*Panel of 5 for open and prelim championships.
*Special Non-slip flooring on all stages and dance floors.
*Fantastic prizes for grade and open competitions. Perpetual cups for winners of open championships. Sashes for top 5 in Mean, Prelim and Open.
*Seperate boys championships if there are 5 or more boys.

We look forward to welcoming you to our feis.
For further information contact: Caroline Duggan ADCRG and
Angela Duggan TCRG